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exploding suitcase


I’m finally ready to go. It’s going to be tough to say the last goodbyes, but I know it’s time to get on that plane.

I will never be able to say enough thank yous to everyone who has wished the world for me. I’m going to take your words with me and think back on them whenever I need a little extra strength.

Signing off until March!


January Finds

All this touchy-feely stuff is nice in theory, but sometimes you need a few items from home to keep you sane. Lucky for me I’ll be armed with a little of everything! Below are links to a few pieces I’m taking with me. Some are great for travel, others for physical therapy, and a couple may come in handy when you’re in the hospital.

comfy {and modest} pajamas

thick socks

a plastic-free water bottle

light but warm sweater

zipper pouch to wrangle all the little things

slip-on sneakers

light-as-a-feather down jacket 

a scarf that doubles as a travel blanket

my favorite notebook

travel pillow to help me get comfortable in a weird bed

the coziest sweatpants

rash guard that’s perfect for aqua therapy

a few favorite tees

a few finds


High highs and low lows this month. And although I absolutely hate deriving pleasure from “things,” I do, nonetheless. And these are things that did it for me.

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{Patagonia Women’s Prow Bomber Vest} I have last year’s version but have been wearing it like mad lately. Getting caught unprepared when temperatures suddenly drop is lousy. This vest is light but oh, so warm. And because it’s Patagonia it’s made in a way that doesn’t make me feel guilty about what I’m wearing. {Behold by Lauren Daigle} I’m a Holiday music junkie, guilty of listening to it year-round. This album was only added to the playlist recently, but it is easily one of my favorites. It’s moody…beautiful…and classic but with a little twist. {B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Home Bluetooth Speaker}  In my opinion, Bang & Olufsen produce a great looking product at a semi-reasonable pricepoint. I was looking for a Bluetooth speaker that didn’t stand out among the few objects I have out, and this fit the bill. It also has a great sound and reliable Bluetooth. {Thymes Frasier Fir Ceramic 3-Wick Candle}  Do you want your home to feel festive but can’t quite muster the energy to decorate? This candle is the trick. The Christmas Tree smell is strong, but not overbearing. You’ll know it’s Holiday time even if it’s unseasonably warm and there isn’t a single decoration in sight. {Lunya Slimming Long Legging} Putting on and taking off socks is an uncomfortable task for me, so I don’t wear them too often. These long leggings keep my feet warm without me having to bother with anything. And they’re slimming, apparently. {Everlane Cashmere Beanie} Like most people with joint problems and / or chronic pain, cold weather doesn’t agree with me. And if I’m shivering…forget it. This little beanie is small enough to throw in my purse if I’m not sure I’ll even need it but keeps me seriously warm if I do. {This Is Us on NBC} I watch an embarrassing amount of TV, and most of it isn’t even that good. But this show is wonderful. Just watch the Pilot; I bet you’ll love it. {Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow} Oh, this pillow. It’s really something. Before I purchased it I had a lot of issues getting comfortable at night…and staying asleep…and doing anything that remotely resembled sleeping. This pillow, however, helps me fall asleep in whatever position my body can handle. It is huge, as in I couldn’t use it if I was sharing my queen-sized bed with anyone, but that’s hardly an issue for me.

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a few finds


What a month it’s been! I feel like I might be on the cusp of a little pain relief, but I’m in the early stages of a new treatment so anything could happen. At the same time I’m switching up meds {which is always full of fun side effects and unexpected flares}, spending more time on the blog, and dating {?!}. It’s an odd thing, thinking so much about my chronic pain and orthopedic issues while I’m blogging, Instagramming, or dealing with my latest issue, then turning that off to go meet a twenty- or thirty-something man. But more on that later, I suppose.

For now, let’s get to the items that were of great use to me this month. I hope you find something in here you love, too.

Happy Halloween!* – Anne

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1 // Oh Joy Band-Aids For whatever reason I need bandaids a lot. Although most of what I wear is white, black, gray, or navy I love these bright colors and designs! The fact that they stand out reminds me that I have no reason to hide my chronic pain.

2 // Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever My skin has been a wreck this entire year. I have never had great skin, but six months of regular prolotherapy sessions did a number on me. I recently switched from an expensive face wash that not only contained chemicals but was also in a plastic tube {I was desparate} to this Living Libations cleanser which is made with organic oils, bioactive botanical compounds, and antioxidants. And I can already notice a difference. If you visit the site take a look around while you’re there; I like everything I’ve tried.

3 // Framebridge I make an effort to support local businesses, but Framebridge made the process of custom framing so simple. I went online late one evening, selected what I wanted, and shipped my art. There was no hassle of dropping off the piece at a store and crossing my fingers the place wasn’t busy so they can see me quickly. Then you still have to return to the store a week or two later to pick up your finished item. And because the Framebridge site allows you to see how your artwork is going to look before you purchase it I wasn’t second guessing myself like I do at a framing store. To top the whole thing off I was thrilled with the finished product.

4 // Outdoor Voice’s Slight Sweatpant My nerves are still on edge, so I wear soft, loose clothing whenever possible. These sweatpants fit that bill, yet they look a bit more tailored than the others I own. It’s nice to not feel like I’m walking around in my pajamas as I usually do when wearing sweats. If I was that person who could pull off wearing heels with sweatpants you could absolutely own these for that purpose. But I’ll stick with just wearing them when I’m “exercising” {i.e. going to physical therapy or walking my dog}.

5 // Solid Manufacturing Company Coffee Sleeve This is a hand-stitched leather coffee collar; how fantastic is that?! Mine lives in my car’s center console so that I can easily retrieve it when it’s time for a coffee break. And I use it nearly every day now that the weather is cooling off {a little}. Solid Manufacturing makes everything from stools to clutches to iPad stands. It’s one of those situations when you see what they offer and want to buy everything.

6 // Everlane’s Modern Babo Since these shoes arrived I have worn them nearly every day. I purchased them originally thinking I’d wear them only for work but I’ve been surprised at how well they go with everything, even my ripped jeans and leather shorts. Definitely a versatile buy!

* Sorry for not having a Halloween-themed post. I like Halloween enough, but I’m not one of those people who goes crazy about it. But I hope everyone has a great time celebrating!

Images courtesy of respected sites, as noted.